Evoke Roofing


Pressure cleaning
Rebed and point ridge capping
Change broken tiles
Painting and protection coatings


Pressure cleaning
Rebed and point ridge capping
Clear glaze coating application


Roof extensions to existing dwellings
Re-roofing – removing old tiles and replacing with new for an updated look


Installation of whirly birds (roof ventilators).
Cools your roof cavity which essentially cools your home.
Reduces moisture also from roof cavity.


Rebed and pointing of ridge capping.
Tile replacement.
Valley iron and flashing replacement.
Rescrewing metal roofs.
Barge and ridge replacement.
Roof cleaning


We offer a prompt and reliable service to the Brisbane, Logan, Bayside and Gold Coast regions endeavouring to bring a five-star service to all roofing jobs we complete.
Are you looking for the best company to handle your roof repairs in Brisbane? There are a lot of different options out there, but Evoke Roofing is one of the best. We have earned our reputation as one of the top services offering roof restoration in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. There’s a reason why many people recommend us to their friends, family, and coworkers. Here are some of the things that make us experts in roofing in Brisbane.
Our Experience
We have more than 25 years of experience in the roofing industry. That means we have more than just theoretical knowledge or skills we’ve learned by practicing under controlled circumstances. We’ve done hands-on work in roof restoration in Brisbane for more than two decades, and we’ve seen everything that can occur with roofs. Our team has worked on thousands of roofs over the years, and we can often identify what repairs you’ll need fairly quickly and be able to provide an accurate estimate.
There will be no questions about the final cost for our work because we have no hidden fees, extra costs, or anything else. The price you agree to before we start working is the price you’ll pay at the end for our roof repairs in Brisbane.
Our Guarantee
Any roofing in Brisbane our team does comes with the Evoke Roofing guarantee. We will give you a ten-year guarantee on all labour and materials used in our roof repairs in Brisbane. This won’t be a verbal guarantee or something written in such a way that it doesn’t really mean anything, and there will be no loopholes or exclusion clauses. You get, in writing, a guarantee that any repairs we do to your roof will be good for ten years. If there are any issues at all, you simply contact us and we will come fix them.
Our Quality
We know any roof restoration in Brisbane has to be done using the highest-quality materials and with great attention to detail. If anything about your roof is wrong, it can have dangerous repercussions for your home and your family. Moisture can get into the roof cavity or attic and promote the growth of mould. It can also cause your interior wooden support beams to begin to rot, weakening the overall structure of your roof and your home.
To combat this, all of our materials are purchased from reputable dealers who offer the best value we can get. We pass all savings on to our customers, too, so you will never be overcharged for any of our supplies. Once we have found the best materials for the job, we will carefully plan out and execute each roof repair as if we were working on our own homes. We believe that every job requires our complete and full attention, and we give every roof our best effort. Evoke Roofing is a family-owned and operated business, and we strive to make each and every one of our customers feel like a part of that family, no matter what type of roofing service they need.

25 years experience

Roof maintenance is imperative in keeping your home insurance valid for the unexpected. QLD weather is volatile so this is a must.




We work with leading insurance companies to get your home back to normal after storms or other unforeseeable circumstances.

Roof extensions
Terracotta roof tile
Roof repairs
Whirly Birds
Roofing Restoration